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Make in-bed positioning safer and easier

Lying in one place in bed puts pressure on the tailbone that can lead to bed sores, also known as pressure injuries. Prevalon Turn and Position System 2.0 is used by nurses to reposition in bed and float the tailbone to relieve pressure over this vulnerable area. It also helps reduce caregiver risk of injury when repositioning your loved one.

  • White Microclimate Body Pad manages moisture to keep skin healthy(full-body underpad)
  • Blue low-friction glide sheet allows for repositioning in bed
  • 30-degree Body Wedges (one with anchor) allow for positioning the buttocks and base of the spine off the surface to relieve pressure
  • Two caregivers required to turn and reposition and individual
  • Weight capacity: 550 lbs
  • Trusted by nurses in hospitals across the U.S.
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    People with limited mobility, especially those confined to bed, are often at risk for painful pressure injuries.1 Prevalon Turn and Position System 2.0 Glide Sheet stays under your loved one, so it is always there to help you with in-bed repositioning. The wedges help float the tailbone off the surface of the bed to relieve pressure.

    • Low-friction Glide Sheet helps with repositioning
    • Wedges float the tailbone
    • Microclimate Body Pad helps absorb moisture

    7206-WBS is available for use in long term care facilities and home care. This version contains black handles on the underside of the blue glide sheet for repositioning. This does not have the longer boost straps available on the hospital version. The boost straps were identified as a safety risk as individuals in longer term care are often more alert and have less supervision than in the hospital environment.

    Reference: 1. Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers: Quick Reference Guide, NPUAP/EPUAP/PPPIA, Emily Haesler (Ed.), Second Edition, 2014.

    Overall Customer Rating of 6 Reviews:

    TAP system

    I am disappointed in the item, the customer service representative assured me that is was the same size as the one use on the hospital bed. It’s smaller and not the same type. I will think twice before ordering anything else from your company.

    Johnston, IA

    Love the slide sheet, but wish it had the wrist straps!

    • Functionality
    • Strength
    • Package Deal!
    • No wrist straps
    As a caregiver for a bedbound person, these slide sheets and wedges are wonderful. He came home from the hospital with many wedges and only 2 slide sheets. They are washable and make the job of turning and boosting manageable with a single person. Thus, it saves me money because I don't need an aide all the time! I needed a third sheet so I could always have one clean, but was told I needed to purchase the entire set (wedges and slide sheet). I waited a year and still decided I needed it. The home version does NOT have the wrist straps that the hospital version has, but no where does it say that on the website. It is still doable, but much easier with the wrist straps. Please consider selling this as a slide sheet only.

    Useful for patient confined to bed

    • handles
    • sturdy
    • well-designed
    • price

    I care for my husband (200 lbs) who has no use of his legs and little strength in his arms. This glide sheet is great for pulling him up in the bed when he slumps and moving him back and forth. It has handles all around so you can move it from any side, and it is strong enough to shift him from bed to gurney, etc. We use a disposable pad under his diaper so leaks don't soil the nylon sheet. It is awfully expensive, but I can't find anything else that is even close for design and toughness.

    • Useful%20for%20caregiver
    • Price

    Its helped me move my husband at night when I dont have any help. Its also helpful to have the wedge placements marked.

    Shelby Township MI

    Caregiver to parent.

    • the%20concept%20is%20good%20and%20well%20made.
    • Pull%20handles%20help%20to%20adjust%20mat.
    • slides out of position
    • replacement%20pads%20are%20pricey.

    The patient is a 4'10", 86 yr. old female, bed bound, appx. 100 lbs. The system is used on a 3-way adjustable home hospital bed. The bedding is a cotton/poly. blend. The System challenges for us are these: The nylon type mat material is very slippery and slides down the bed when the head of the bed is in the upright position. The lift wedges can slide out of position when the bed is flat. The patient has 6-8 diaper changes daily. With each change a new system mat is needed which becomes very expensive. Perhaps this system is better suited for a larger, heavier, patient requiring less mat changes.



    I am using this system at home for my husband. He is about 200 lbs and I can turn him, pull him up in bed by myself with this sheet under him. I received it from the hospital where it was being used on a trial basis. I like it very much and would recommend it to anyone who has a person to care for that is heavy, or in need of being positioned from side to side on a routine basis.