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Make in-bed positioning safer and easier

Lying in one place in bed puts pressure on the tailbone that can lead to bed sores, also known as pressure injuries. Prevalon Turn and Position System 2.0 is used by nurses to reposition in bed and float the tailbone to relieve pressure over this vulnerable area. It also helps reduce caregiver risk of injury when repositioning your loved one.

  • White Microclimate Body Pad manages moisture to keep skin healthy (includes 6 full-body underpads)
  • Blue low-friction glide sheet allows for repositioning in bed
  • 30-degree Body Wedges (one with anchor) allow for positioning the buttocks and base of the spine off the surface to relieve pressure
  • Includes five additional underpads
  • Two caregivers required to turn and reposition and individual
  • Weight capacity: 550 lbs
  • Trusted by nurses in hospitals across the U.S.
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    People with limited mobility, especially those confined to bed, are often at risk for painful pressure injuries.1 Prevalon Turn and Position System 2.0 Glide Sheet stays under your loved one, so it is always there to help you with in-bed repositioning. The wedges help float the tailbone off the surface of the bed to relieve pressure.

    • Low-friction Glide Sheet helps with repositioning
    • Wedges float the tailbone
    • Microclimate Body Pad helps absorb moisture

    7206-WBS is available for use in long term care facilities and home care. This version contains black handles on the underside of the blue glide sheet for repositioning. This does not have the longer boost straps available on the hospital version. The boost straps were identified as a safety risk as individuals in longer term care are often more alert and have less supervision than in the hospital environment.

      Reference: 1. Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers: Quick Reference Guide, NPUAP/EPUAP/PPPIA, Emily Haesler (Ed.), Second Edition, 2014.

      Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:

      Very helpful

      • Wedges make it easy to position
      • None
      Caregivers at mom’s facility requested I purchase these when she developed a pressure wound. Makes it much easier to help position her. Very helpful.

      Prevalon® Turn and Position System 2.0 w/ 5 additional full body underpads


      I am a caregiver for a person who is unable to move without assistance. I was trained to use a pull sheet and a pad for tuning and pulling up in bed. The Turn and Position System has changed the patients life as well as mine. The easy grip handles make for easy moving. The material slides on a sheet so easily. The pads keep the patient cool and dry. I highly recommend this product. The wedges make it easy to shift body pressure and prevent or treat skin breakdown.


      Back Saver

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      This is the greatest creation ever. I can save my back and position my father with ease.

      Grand Prairie, TX

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      This system is perfect for the in-home caregiver. I saw it used in the hospital ER and researched and found I could purchase it for home use. It is great for keeping the homebound patient turned and comfortable.


      Very Useful Item for Home Care


      We are using the Prevalon turning system for our 90-year-old mom. She is bedridden & has no fat over her sacrum. She often complains that her derriere is sore, and of course bed sores are a concern as well.

      The wedges that come with the system are too long to accomplish the sacral off-loading illustrated in the video, as she is a very small person at under 5 feet tall. But they're still very useful; we tuck them underneath her on a "whatever works" basis, and they do provide some comfort. The wedge that goes under the thighs seems to keep her from sliding down in the bed as quickly when the head is elevated.

      The Prevalon glide sheet makes it easy for one person to slide the wedges (as well as plain old pillows) underneath her without log-rolling her. (A bonus, as she is very independent, even with dementia, and emphatically objects to being handled unless it's on her own terms.) I am not as strong as I once was. Nevertheless, once the glide sheet is properly positioned under her, I am able to use it to position her in the bed by myself. I do have to have help re-positioning the glide sheet every 24-36 hours. It is not anchored to the bed, and the same friction-free properties that make it such a great tool also make it susceptible to sliding down and around on the bed. A stronger person caring for a patient who was able to assist a bit, possibly by holding onto the bed rail after being rolled up on their side, might be able to re-position the sheet on their own. (Though I know that the manufacturer does not recommend that for safety reasons.)

      The Depends underwear that Mom wore for years is now uncomfortable, so she is going completely "commando". We use organic cotton baby crib pads under her bottom (from Amazon) and tuck a Tena pad between her legs. This makes her more comfortable, and also extends the life of the Prevalon climate-controlled pads that are used between the patient and the glide sheet.

      This system has made caregiving easier and more tolerable for both us and our mom.