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The products available on this site for home use are the same innovative products that healthcare professionals use to improve patient outcomes and efficiency across the continuum of care. Our Stryker homecare products help with daily caregiving tasks such as bathing, incontinence care, oral care, and help address risk of pressure ulcers.
If you're looking for simple ways to provide care for yourself or someone important to you, our Stryker homecare products can help. Each is designed to be effective and easy to use, as well as provide the comfort needed for a better life at home.

3 Caregiving Tips for Incontinence

Here are some tips on caring for this sensitive problem.​

​Caring for someone with incontinence is a sensitive task. Having the right attitude and hygiene regimen may help prevent more serious problems.​ Caregiving is tough. Not only are there larger medical care concerns to worry about, but there are small day-to-day things that need to be taken care of. When a care receiver is struggling with incontinence, this can be a difficult issue. Here are some tips on caring for this sensitive problem.​

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Comfort Bath and Essential Bath FAQs

Q: What’s the difference between Comfort Bath and Essential Bath Cloths?A: Comfort Bath is a heavier weight cloth than Essential Bath which is medium weight. Both are much larger and more durable than wipes which can tear during use.Q: Are these Cloths thick like real washcloths, or thin like wipes? A: Comfort Shield Barrier Cloths and Comfort Bath Cloths are thicker and bigger than wipes. They are disposable for easy use and clean-up, but are not as thick as a wash cloth that you launder. We...

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