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Help remove bits of food and plaque from the mouth

Keeping the mouth clean is an important part of oral hygiene, but when your loved one can’t easily spit, bits of food and plaque and excess fluid can build up in the mouth. Our Covered Yankauer is used by nurses to gently remove excess fluid from the mouth.

  • Connects directly to standard suction lines
  • Protective sleeve helps protect Yankauer from environmental bits of food and plaque
  • Soft tip is gentle on gums
  • Latex-free
  • Trusted by nurses in hospitals across the U.S.
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    Help keep your loved one’s mouth clean by removing bits of food and plaque and excess fluid with our Covered Yankauer. The Yankauer connects directly to your oral suction line and the soft tip is gentle on your loved one’s gums. When not in use, the protective sleeve covers the Yankauer to help protect it from environmental bits of food and plaque.

    Sage's easy-to-use oral care systems help reduce bacterial colonization in the mouth and on the surface of the teeth - a known risk factor for ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP).¹ 

    In fact, two separate studies using our QCare Oral Cleansing and Suctioning Systems as part of a comprehensive oral care protocol saw VAP reductions of 42% and 60%.²³> With multiple products incorporating innovative tools and effective solutions, proven clinical outcomes and effective compliance programs, it's no wonder 93% of all oral care is trusted to Toothette.4

    References: 1. Vollman K, Garcia R, Miller L, AACN News. 2005 Aug; 22(8):12-6. 2. Vollman K, Garcia R, Miller L, AACN News. 2005;22(8):122-3,15-6. 3. Schleder B, Stott K, Lloyd RC, J Advocate Health Care. 2002;4(1):27-30 4. Healthcare Products Information Services (HPIS), Hospital Market Trend Report, 2nd Qtr 2006.


    • Aids in the removal of secretions.
    • Remove Yankauer and attach to suction line.
    • Retract sleeve as shown. Slide cap down until it locks in place.
    • To suction, slide switch to "ON."
    • After use, rinse with sterile saline or appropriate solution until tubing is clear.
    • IMPORTANT: When not in use, make sure the ON/OFF switch is in the "OFF" position to prevent loss of suction power.
    • Pull sleeve over Yankauer tip to cover.
    • Remove Yankauer and discard after 24 hours, or according to hospital protocol.
    • For single patient oral use by a healthcare professional only.
    • Use a bite block when performing oral care on patients with altered levels of consciousness or those who cannot comprehend commands.

    • Federal (U.S.A.) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician or licensed practitioner.
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    Overall Customer Rating of 12 Reviews:

    • It’s easy to used and stay cleaned
    The covered yankum it is very helpful we used a lot with my son

    I like it because it is covered and is more sanitary. The price is good but the shipping cost need to come down. I have used it in the hospitals and at home. It works fine in both atmospheres. I would like to see them sold in smaller batches. say 10 to a package instead of a case of 100 which I don't need at home. Once again the yanker is far better then any other I have used.

    Omaha, Nebraska

    Yankauer Order

    As always the order was shipped promptly!

    Love these covered yankauers

    These yankauers are exactly what I was looking for. The plastic sleeve protects my daughter, her nurses, and me from contaminants and germs. The soft tip is safe for her teeth and sensitive parts of her mouth. Sage is a very high quality product. I also use the suction oral swabs. Sage covered yankauers and suction oral swabs are the only brand I will buy. My only gripe is they are very expensive.


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    We are extremely happy with the prompt shipment of the product we order from Sage. Our order is always processed promptly and received the next day.