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Welcome to Stryker Home Care online story-telling corner. We've invited caregivers to tell us their caregiving stories. What better way to learn about caring for our loved ones if not from those who have done it before you, or are doing it with you? If you'd care to submit your own caregiving story, use our form to answer "How or Why Did You Become a Caregiver?".

Granny Dot’s story

Granny Dot’s story

I take a lot of pride in giving my mom the best care possible. Her caregiving has become my mission in life. I do this for her—but I also do it for me. Nothing feels better than knowing you are giving your parent something they could not have, unless you provided it. I feel blessed that I find this work so rewarding. And in many ways, I feel honored that I am able to do this for my mom. Caring for someone who is bedridden takes a certain amount of dedication. From daily bedside feeding, bathing, and constantly repositioning her, there’s never a dull moment. It takes a fair amount of effort on my part, but I’m happy to do it. And even happier to say, she’s never had a bedsore. My mom’s skin is soft as can be. People are impressed when they see her youthful glow. I constantly moisturize her skin. I also use Sage Brand Comfort Shield® Barrier Cream Cloths on her bottom. I’m so glad I found the product because it keeps her skin healthy.

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