Testimonial authorization and release


The undersigned person agrees as follows:

(1) I authorize the use of my name and likeness, together with my endorsement or testimonial, whether written or oral, which may appear in any media released by Sage Products, LLC, a business unit of Stryker (collectively referred to herein as “Stryker”), collectively, it agents, representatives and/or assignees, in connection with any advertisement or promotion of Stryker products and or services.
(2) I understand that my name, state, and photo will be disclosed in conjunction with my testimonial or endorsement.
(3) I agree that Stryker may copyright my endorsement or testimonial in its name or any other name it may choose.
(4) I authorize Stryker and/or its agents, representatives, and assignees to use, reproduce, exhibit, and distribute any promotional materials containing my name and likeness, together with my endorsement or testimonial, for the purpose of endorsing its products and/or services.
(5) I agree that Stryker and/or its representatives, agents, or assignees own all rights, including the copyright in and to any videos, still photographs, and any other material made by Stryker or its representatives, agents, and/or assignees, that contains my name, likeness, endorsement, or testimonial.
(6) I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the finished video, soundtrack, ad copy, or printed or electronic matter that may be used.
(7) I agree that my testimonial may be used for ten (10) years from the date indicated below unless I request otherwise.
(8) I hereby certify that my endorsement or testimonial of Stryker product(s) is true and accurate and reflect(s) my personal experience and honest belief in the quality of the product(s) that I am endorsing. I am providing this testimonial of my own free will and I have not been paid a monetary sum for doing so.
(9) I hereby certify that I am over eighteen (18) years of age and competent to contract in my own name.
(10) I certify that I am not a healthcare professional and am not in a position directly related to provision of healthcare services.
(11) I understand that this Testimonial Release Form may not be amended without my written consent and the written consent of Stryker.
(12) I have read the foregoing Testimonial Release Form before affixing my signature and warrant that I fully understand its contents and I am signing it voluntarily.
(12) I hereby release Stryker and its officers, employees, board of directors, and agents from any and all claims and damages arising out of or in connection with use of my endorsement including any photographs, videos, soundtracks, or ad copy.