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Welcome to Stryker Home Care online story-telling corner. We've invited caregivers to tell us their caregiving stories. What better way to learn about caring for our loved ones if not from those who have done it before you, or are doing it with you? If you'd care to submit your own caregiving story, use our form to answer "How or Why Did You Become a Caregiver?".

Take the pressure off—a guide for caring for a pressure ulcer

Take the pressure off—What to do if you spot a sore

Each caregiver has their own routine. And when you care for someone with mobility issues or who’s confined to the bed, keeping close tabs on new sores is just part of your day. Even so, it still may come as an unexpected surprise if you spot a new sore. So we’ve found some tips from the Association of the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC).

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