Sage Covered Yankauer with Suction Handle

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Sage Yankauer removes excess fluid from the mouth for individuals who cannot spit or swallow. Includes 1 covered Yankauer.

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If you care for someone who struggles to swallow or spit, they are at risk for aspiration. Sage Yankauer connects to standard suction lines to gently remove excess fluid from the mouth during oral care. 

  • Soft tip is gentle on sensitive oral tissues and gums.
  • Connects to standard suction lines to easily suction fluid from the mouth, reducing the risk or aspiration.
  • Thumbport makes it easy to control the level of suction.
  • Protective cover keeps Yankauer tip from touching a surface when not in use
  • Used in hospitals across the U.S. as well as senior living, long-term care facilities and home care settings.

Manufactured by Sage Products, LLC: 3909 Three Oaks Rd Cary, IL USA.

Product Specifications

  • 1 Covered Yankauer with suction handle
  • Manufacturer part number: 6429
  • UPC: 618029841353