Sage Toothette Plus Oral Swabs

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6071 / 6076

Gently clean, moisten and refresh the mouth. 20 swabs per package.

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A healthy, moisturized mouth makes it easier to eat and communicate. Toothette swabs help keep your mouth clean and comfortable.

Use swabs to remove food particles, plaque, and excess saliva. Swabs can be used alone or dipped in water or oral solution to moisten the mouth. Gently massage gums and stimulate oral tissue.

  • Soft foam sponge is gentle on gums and oral tissue.
  • Easy to clean around teeth and massage gums.
  • Long plastic handle helps reach the back of the mouth.
  • Used in hospitals across the U.S. as well as senior living, long-term care facilities and home care settings.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex.

Manufactured by Sage Products, LLC: 3909 Three Oaks Rd Cary, IL USA.

Product Specifications

  • Package quantity: 20 swabs/package
  • Individually wrapped: No
  • Stick material: Plastic
  • Swab material: Soft foam
  • Manufacturer part number: 6071 / 6076 (sodium bicarbonate)
  • UPC: 618029800206 / 618029800244 (sodium bicarbonate)


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